The top straps are actually one piece of Milspec Nylon with the strength of approximately 1500 lbs. They wrap around the shoulder straps of the vest and wrap back down inside of the pocket, reattaching to the main soft VELCRO patch inside the center of the pocket. This securely holds the top portion of the pocket to the vest with no need to modify your vest!

The bottom portion of the pocket attaches to the already existing VELCRO on the bottom, front portion of your vest carrier and your vest straps go right over the pocket, once again, securely holding the pocket to the vest with no need to modify your vest!
An adhesive 4" strip of 2" VELCRO is included with the pocket. It is recommended you take a soft trauma plate and adhere this VELCRO to it so that you can mount it in front of the firearm. We recommend this for several reasons. Firstly, it may help reduce ricochets and spall should you get hit squarely in the center of the chest. Secondly, it breaks up the lines of the gun and makes it somewhat less noticeable. Thirdly, the trauma plate will still help dissipate the energy received from blunt trauma force to the chest.

The universally adjustable holster will accommodate any firearm up to a full size service pistol, however, we recommend nothing larger than a mid size pistol similar in size to a Glock 23. Simply unwrap the holster in to a "T" shape and then place the UNLOADED* pistol in the center of the "T" and rewrap the holster shut. Now the holster is resized to fit your particular pistol and can be placed on the main VELCRO panel inside the pocket in what ever position you prefer.
Two elastic pieces are attached on the front of the pocket for placing accessories on the pocket. The inventing officer prefers to keep a pair of latex gloves on the opposite hand side of the way his pistol is facing, along the slide area of the pistol. Others prefer a small knife or other items.

* As in any case, when servicing your weapon, fitting holsters or performing any other maintanance with or on your weapon, PROPERLY UNLOAD, and CHECK the weapon prior to proceeding.

When the pocket is loaded and mounted to your vest, simply dress as you normally do for patrol. In an emergency, either unzip, unVELCRO or tear away the buttons securing the front of your uniform shirt and access the pocket with either hand by pulling downward on the front strap, draw your weapon, and engage accordingly.


As with all gear you carry, it is IMPERATIVE you familiarize yourself with each piece of gear and practice with it repeatedly to gain competency and the muscle memory required to instinctively deploy your backup or any other gear, while under extreme stress!