What does "10-24" Represent?


The 10 code system seems to have limitless variations from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In the county the inventing officer works in, it means, "officer Needs Help". The officer felt it an appropriate moniker for the product design and use so he named it just that. Products designed to help an officer who needs help, NOW!

What about my already existing trauma plate?
You can keep and continue to use what ever trauma plate you have and add an additional one or you can remove the one you have from your vest carrier and place it in front of the weapon via the supplied adhesive VELCRO patch.
This product works better with soft trauma plates rather than hard ones. Hard ones will still work behind the gun in the original vest carrier pocket, however they do not allow the gun to conform to shape of your chest, therefore making the weapon protrude more. The hard trauma plate cannot realisticlly be used in front of the weapon for the same reason.
Will this item void my vest warranty?
While we cannot speak for vest manufacturers, we can say, there are NO MODIFICATIONS made to the vest or vest carrier and SHOULD NOT void or affect your warranty in any way.
Why the center of the chest?
This is the most readily accessible spot for either hand in almost any position. Very few holsters allow you to access your backup when you are sitting in your vehicle, on your back and mounted, on your belly, while being grabbed at the waist or any other similar position. Is it the perfect system? Certainly not. There are pro's and con's to every option. However, we strongly feel this option is the least cumbersome, most convenient, most comfortable and easily accessible one to date.